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Angela’s Eyes Summary

                Winter starts, and Theresa Luz Colon goes back to factory working after grieving so hard for her late husband.  She tells her daughter, Angela, to go outside more.She does manage to spend more time outside while thinking about her deceased father.

                She soon has a dream about old man Poli staring into her with sadness.  Angela wakes up and later goes to the store, sees Poli working, and started breaking down into tears.  Mr. Rodriguez, who works at the shop, comes to her to see what’s wrong, and she tells of her sad dream.  On the same week, Poli dies of a heart attack.

                Superstitious rumors from Jorge Cruz spread through the neighborhood of Angela has gain her late father’s eyes and was able to see Poli’s death through them. This upsets Angela.

                Mrs. Flores tries to confirm these rumors and asks Angela whom she dreamt.  Angela says she dreamed of a black man, who she really does not know, working in the restaurant near the post office.  To Mrs. Flores thoughts, she believes that Eddie Robinson, the man Mrs. Flores identifies as the black man in the dream, to die.  Eddie Robinson does die as he was hit by a truck, and more believe the rumors of Angela’s precognition of people’s deaths thanks to Mrs. Flores.

                The rumors become worse when Titi Sanchez sees Angela at one of Mr. Rodriguez’s party and yells in terror for Angela not to see her or dream her for fear of losing her own life.  Everybody looks at what the commotion was, and after Titi leaves with everybody else.

                Angela goes outside less and less with more people shunning her fearing for their lives.  She starts to see more images of her father.

                Consuela Ortiz, fearing a strange feeling on her side, proposes to see Angela to confirm whether her pain may be cancer that could lead to her death.  Mr. Rodriguez, not wanting to upset Angela anymore, refutes her proposal until Jorge, Mr. Rodriguez’s friend, convinces him that this meeting could finally prove or disprove Angela’s powers.  Consuela meets Angela in the bodega, and Consuela asks if Angela has seen her in dreams.  Angela responds with saying she has had a dream of many hurt in an explosion.  Consuela is relieved she isn’t going to die, but a spectating Mr. Rodriguez believes it may be a war coming soon in the Middle East. The people that attended this meeting, thought that the war could be in china or asia. 

                Since then, Angela has the same nightmare about the many dying by a bomb repeatedly and never speaks of her dreams again.  Because of this, talk of her power waned as Angela walks again in public easily.

Mr. Rodriguez tries comforting Angela telling her to let go of her grief of her dad’s death and her dreams.

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