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Big Time Henson is the only character to appear in all three parts in "A Story in Three Parts."

In the first part, he tries to ask for money from Miss Pat, who only gives him the money after he listens to her whole story about Doll.

In the second part, it is figured out he needs the money in order to get a syringe full of drugs from a drug dealer, Sweet Jimmy.  As he gets high, Sweet Jimmy asks him to hook his sister up with the S.A.T.'s, and Big Time agrees.

In the third part, it is revealed he has been out of school for a whole week and away from home from his mother.  He leaves his interrogating mother and goes to the rooftop of a building.  There he meets a kid named Benny for the first time.  Suddenly, the building gets on fire, and the two are in danger of roasting if they stay on the rooftop.  Big Time, though being tired and reluctant to do anything, tries to get him and Benny to the next buildings roof.  Big Time gets rid of Benny's fears, and they successfully jumped to the next rooftop.  When they finally get to the ground level, they say bye and later to each other.