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Billy Giles’s wife, Johnnie Mae known as a racist, is horrified at her husband passing out, and tells him not to box in the ring again.Now, Billy is lying to his wife that he’s going to the gym and instead heads for the boxing ring.Win or lose, he’s determined to do this to get extra cash and using this money to make his wife happy, even if his wife doesn’t want him to fight again.

In the locker room, Billy gets himself ready with the help of Al Gaines.Inside, he overhears some kid bragging about boxing, but after the match the kid loses.Despite the kid’s victorious opponent calling the fight a great match, Billy could feel the kid feeling ashamed. Not only do Billy feel ashamed, he also feels terrified during boxing.

Manny the manager of the boxing events tells Billy he’s up against a comer, a boxer who is pampered and expected to win.Billy’s opponent is named Danny Vegas.The second round of the fight was more exciting than the first round when they were just “fighting at a distance.”In the second round, Billy actually had thoughts of winning because he was the only one making jabs.That was until Vegas hit him for the first time, and it was really hard and painful on Billy.The round was over after Billy tried making a comeback. During the break, Billy was thinking about how he lied to his wife about not finishing high school.

They go back in the ring.Billy manages to knock Vegas to the ground but not for long.After Vegas gets back up, he hits Billy in the head.After that, Billy has a hard time seeing where Vegas’s punches are coming from, and he is knocked the fuck out for a moment.However, it is enough to keep him down for Vegas to win, and he tells Billy that it was a great fight.

Billy comes out really sore and fatigued after the fight with lots of nausea and soon some blood loss.He takes the money from Manny.Heading home on a very rainy night, he wonders how he lost his fight to a Mexican, and how his life winded him up there and now sick and sore.

He gets home, and his wife knew he had fought in the ring again after seeing him sore.Billy gave her the money he earned, and his wife, at first rejecting it, but now accepts it for all the pain her husband did for her.Johnnie Mae, his wife, cleaned him up a bit.She falls asleep with her hand in his, and Billy is lying there wishing to have this feeling of closeness with her will stay for a long time.So they finally created the baby they always wanted