145th Street: Short Stories Wiki

 J.T. is one of Peaches andSqueezie peers.  He is known in the neighborhood to be very athletic.  Unfortunately, he is also known for being a troublemaker.  He once stole a woman's pocketbook and was sent to a juvenile detention facility for Christmas.

He only appears in "Block Party-145th Street Style" greeting Peaches and Squeezie.  However, he catches Peaches in a bad mood, and she yells outloud at him that he shouldn't be talking to decent people for being on the street and being a thief.

J.T. walks away up to the building where his mother is living.  Apparently, he is homeless with with his ill mother.  They are "living" on the top of the stairs of some building.  Peaches comes and tries to make up for what she did, and he starts cursing and pushing her down the stairs.  That is until Peaches sees his mother and comforts her.  He explains he is depressed he can't take care of his mother, especially since he had no job.

Squeezie gets Big Joe who temporarily move them into Mother Fletcher's place.  Big Joe finds them a permanent household for them across a school, and Squeezie believes they will make it.  Peaches gives J.T. her $200 she was saving up for her mother's wedding.  He promises to her she will try to pay her back.