145th Street: Short Stories Wiki

Jamie Farrel is a naturally lucky basketball player for his school basketball team.

He appears as the narrator in "The Streak" where he gets a bad day with 7 bad things happening to him.  He noticed this right after losing the basketball game for his team.  Thanks to his friend Froggy, he takes superstition that he has only 7 good things that will happen to him soon.  He tries to use one of those good fortunes to ask out his crush, Celia Evora.

Sadly for him, he misses all his "chances" with the last winning the basketball game for his team.  Howver, Celia comes and asks him out as she too is on a good luck streak.

He has a brief mention in "Monkeyman" where he and some others decide to go to the park and watch Monkeyman fight off Clean.