145th Street: Short Stories Wiki

Kitty is an extremely smart high schooler who has fallen in love for Mack.

She confesses her love in a school poetry project in the story "Kitty and Mack: A Love Story."  Kitty captures Mack's heart and makes him less arrogant.

Things seem to go well until Mack needs to get his foot amputated after being shot there at a drive-by shooting.  Mack becomes depressed, and Kitty strangely plans to stay home and wait for Mack to come to him and let her help him.

Her grades slip, and it takes about a month until Mack actually does come. In his first visit, Mack demands she go back to school, to which she denies.

By the second visit, Mack is crying to her telling him he can't be a man to her.  He cries for the fact that he fell few times trying to get to her house without crutches. She comforts him and reasons with him thathe is man enough if he kept trying with each fall.  Kitty cuddles with Mack as Mack talks about what kind of man she needs.  She does't listen.