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Eddie McCormick, or Mack, is a very talented baseball player who falls in love with Kitty.

He falls in love after her confession in "Kitty and Mack: A Love Story."  He used to an arrogant person until Kitty changes his heart.  He has a hard time telling Kitty he loves her, even though he tells the others his whole life future plans about him and her.

All his plans become dreams after he gets shot in the foot by a drive-by shooting.  The doctors amputate his leg, and he falls into depression. He gets so depressed that he was found on the roof once maybe about to attempt suicide.

When Kitty decides to stay home and wait for him to come to her, he doesn't come until a month after she stops going to school  He demands her to go to school and not let him be the cause of her academic slipping.  However, she tells him this is her problem as much as his.  He leaves.

Mack comes back again crying to Kitty about how he fell several times getting to her house without crutches but with a mechanical foot.  He says he feels he can't be a man to her.  Kitty responds with saying he is man for her, and that good things will happen if they stay together.

She cuddles into him and she doesn't listen as Mack tries to describe what kind of man she needs.