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Monkeyman loved books, he was a book worm

He appears in the story "Monkeyman."  In tat story, he gains the hatred of the Tigros gang for knocking a razor away from one of their woman who was threatening Peaches.  Clean, student who just moved to Harlem from California, is out  there trying to make a name and decides to join the Tigros.  Clean learns of Monkeyman and decides to beat him up in order to get in the gang.

Just when Clean is suspended from school for bringing a knife, Monkeyman calls hims out to fight him in the park and night.  His friends think hes crazy.

At the park, he brings his grandfather and godmother to witness him fighting Clean, and Monkeyman made his relatives promise not to help him.  However, instead of actually fighting Clean, Monkeyman just stands there offering himself up to be beat up by Clean.  He wanted to show the neighborhood how bad this gang was, and his plan works when many come to watch outnumbering the Tigros.

Clean is disappointed he won't fight and leaves him.  Monkeyman goes on with normal life until about a month later he is stabbed by one unnamed Tigro.  He is thankfully surviving and in the hospital.  Though really bad things happened to him, Monkeyman still plans on opening an art studio in Harlem, still attatched to his origins.