Mother Fletcher is an odd woman old woman.  She is so old probably nobody knows how old she is.  Maybe she herself doesn't know either.  Mother Fletcher is known well in the community, and everybody who talks about her sees her in a positive light.==

She appears in "Big Joe's Funeral" for the first time  commenting on Peaches protest.  Peaches has signs saying, "Big Joe is not dead."  To which she responds, "The flesh fades but the soul lives on in its eternal reward."Edit

She gains a major role in "A Christmas Story" when she catches the curiosity of Officer William O'Brien.  O'Brien tries to figure out her age.  However, she state her age as either "full-grown" or "half-grown" depending on what time her age is asked.

She gets sick and gets help from the officer.  After that, she makes a sweater for him and his wife.  Mother Fletcher invites O'Brien to dinner, who reluctantly comes.  She goes and tells stories to his daughter, Meaghan, about when she played with Santa Claus when he was a little boy.