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Squeezie is Peaches's best friend.  They've been friends since Peaches's dad was alive, which was when they were nine years old.  Squeezie cares a lot about Peaches, and they seem to do almost everything together.


She was first potrayed in "Big Joe's Funeral" helping Peaches ruin Big Joe's funeral.

She is last potrayed in "Block Party-145th Street Style" where she takes on a major role as the narrator.  Seeing how Peaches was down about her mom, Sadie, was getting married to Big Joe, she tries to cheer her up by attending the street party.  After she cheers her up, she comes along with Peaches to J.T., who Peaches yelled in her bad mood.  J.T. just tells them to leave, and as he pushes Peaches down the stairs Squeezie gets into a little fight with him trying to protect her.

After the fight is over and she sees Peaches comforting J.T.'s mother, she goes and gets Big Joe like Peaches asked for.  Big Joe comes and helps out J.T. and his mother out.  Since Peaches gave her $200 wedding gift, Squeezie decides to use her $68 to buy a gift with Peaches for Big Joe and Sadie's wedding.  They get a boss imitation Tiffany Lamp.